Glomega works to improve access to novel diagnostics as a basis for advanced diabetes management and diagnostics. The specific topics and cutting edge include:

  • Integration of best academic expertise of discovery science to utilize the novel urinary biomarkers in verification studies in various ethnic localities
  • Access to special patient sample cohorts of diabetes in China
  • Establishment of the best methods to efficiently translate biomarkers into robust biosensor platforms to allow active monitoring of disease progression
  • Establishment of links to best available Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to provide a comprehensive solution for personalized monitoring of health parameters utilizing biosensors
  • Providing solutions to Health Account management for diabetics as a Cloud service
  • Provide links to best global expertise in bioanalytical sciences, sensor technologies and ICT to comprehensive health maintenance solutions
  • Provide an access and expertise in some of the most challenging markets of diabetes: to and from China. This is based on longterm relationship to academic and industrial partners as well as access to Global BioIndustries.
  • Outpatient services

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