January 27th, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the friendly discussions with Biosense Inc (www.biosense.in) have come to a successful end in the form of strategic partnership.

Both Glomega and Biosense realize the benefits of codevelopment, comarketing and joining forces to efficiently advance the powerful uChek platform for all chosen target markets.

Notably, this agreement means an important step in bringing the easy, daily key health measurables from the urine to the smartphone with uChek. The expertise of Glomega will allow translation of the latest biomarker discoveries into this user-friendly platform to truly revolutionize disease management and health maintenance.

The full team of more than 30 information technology experts of Biosense will be available for the developmental programs of any technology adaptations needed while Glomega´s expanding leverage in China will form the basis for rapid market development as one of the first entrants to this giant market.

October 15th, 2012

Glomega Inc. Ltd based in Helsinki, Finland has signed an Agreement of collaboration with the leading Chinese health IT company, Shenzhen E-Techco Information Technologies Co., Ltd.

The projected, long-term collaboration includes the development and rapid commercialization of novel biosensors to be used on the proprietary AnyCheck™ cloud-based health management portal (http://www.e-techco.com).

In addition, the companies aim at building a state-of-the-art chronic disease management account environment specialized to the management of diabetes.

Glomega takes on the duties of marketing and clinical management activities in the Western markets. It shall also engage closely with the production of novel, non-invasive biosensors in China.

Both parties are happy to reach the agreement which promises significant and balanced benefits to both Glomega and E-Techco in the rapidly emerging health management solutions in China and in the Western countries.

Glomega Inc / info@glomega.fi